Why I Depend Heavily on my Local Coffee Shop

Coffee!! My get-up-and-go, must-have drink each and every day. As a mom, I have to have some form of caffeine to be able to wrangle my children. I rely heavily on my local coffee shop as a pick-me-up, while in town as well as at home. The local coffee shop offers lovely drinks as well as coffee grounds to help me stay energized while on the go or while at home. I would be lost without them!

Enjoying the Fresh Brew
When I drop my kids off at school, I head straight to the local coffee shop. I visit the shop so much, they know me by name! I love having a fresh cup of coffee while I visit with friends or just enjoy a chat with the barista. The coffee shop offers regular brews, cappuccino and a host of other coffee favorites. I try to mix up my order to enjoy something different whenever I pop in.

Sweet Tooth
The coffee shop stop would also not be complete with a sweet treat. To go with my coffee, I mix up my food order as well. You can have a glazed donut, tasty muffin or a hot cup of oatmeal. The home grown ingredients make the treats taste even better and the menu is always changing, which means I can always try something new! Sometimes I bring the kids after school to enjoy a second cup of joe and treat them to a sweet dessert.

Get Your Grind On
Another great feature I enjoy as a mom and coffee lover is the coffee flavors I can purchase. The coffee shop has a ton of coffee choices that you can take home and prepare yourself. Because I live on the mountain, the weather does not always permit a trip into town. If I were not able to purchase the fresh grounds, I would definitely miss my coffee! I keep my home in stock by purchasing new flavors every week when I visit the coffee shop. This way, I always have fresh coffee I can prepare at home, revving up my energy and helping me stay active with the kiddos. My husband loves the coffee too which is an added bonus!

Perfect for Gifts
I love to share my love of coffee, so I visit the local coffee shop for gifts too. I can buy a gift card, create a basket from the homemade goodies or just purchase coffee grounds in different flavors for a unique treat. The options are endless and I can personalize the gift for the giftee!
Coffee is basically my sanity. I drink it because I love how it tastes and how I feel, with a quick jolt of energy. I am forever thankful to have a great coffee shop nearby to enjoy time with friends, purchase fabulous coffee grounds and have a hot cup of coffee anytime I like. I hope you have a local coffee shop you enjoy and if not, get to exploring to see what you can find in your own neighborhood!

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