What Every Mountain Mom Should Have With Her

Living in the mountains is more than just packing your stuff, throwing them into a car and moving there. There are animals and people, fitness issues and comfort matters to deal with that may not cross your mind while in the city. This calls for special preparation to ensure adaptation will be smooth. A mountain mom is exceptional as she needs to prepare not just for herself, but for the children as well. The whole family needs to be secure enough to be able to enjoy mountain life to its fullness. Below are a few tips.

Ensure fitness is at an acceptable standard
Unlike most cities, the mountain is rigorous, rocky and hilly. This means a lot of climbing, falling and even rolling can be experienced. The best way to curb this is to ensure exercise and workout is a part of the daily life.

Lifting weights and jogging is a great way to start. The mountains offer free and natural tracks where I jog three times a week to ensure that my fitness is up to date. I have introduced my children to this because the sooner they start and get used to it, the better life they will keep. With fitness, even when I get injured it is not as bad as it would be back in the days my body was lazy.

Ensure safety equipment is up to date
The mountain is prone to things such as wind and avalanche and so every mom should always be ready for such. A first aid kit must be kept in the house just in case an accident occurs.

Things such as bandages, disinfectants, razor blades and pain killers are in my kit. I have another kit that I keep around when going for outdoor activities. The wind can be a catalyst to fire and so I have placed a number of extinguishers in my house just in case. I have also ensured that my children also have basic first aid skills.

Have things that will enhance comfort
The mountain area is very cold, so I insulate the house to ensure the house is always warm. I also have a number of warm clothes to keep my children warm enough not to get sick. I have a number of umbrellas to walk around with whenever it rains since the area receives a lot of rainfall. In case I am moving around at night, I ensure that my torch is always with me.

These things helps me live a comfortable life in the mountains. I really enjoy it and I pride myself that I have learned to live in the mountains where other people are scared of living or even visiting.

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