The Best Season For The Mountains

I moved to the mountains after graduating from college in search of a new job. Before that, I had visited my aunt a few times during the holidays and on special occasions. Over the years I have studied the climatic conditions of this region, gaining experience and knowledge on how and when to visit the mountains, that can help you have the best time ever. Of course, your time of visit also depends on what you would like to do there. Below are a few tips on when to visit the mountains that I have learned over the years.

The kind of activity I want to do in the mountains determines the time I go there. If I want to try water rafting, summer or spring will be the best time for me. In caseĀ  my aim is to seek the smoky effect on the mountain; I will try winter as that is the best time for such. There are a few other things that should involve your visit to the mountains, and below are some.

Going when it is less crowded
Being an often visitor to the mountains can make one accustomed to the high population of people visiting, whether on the streets or in the popular sites in the mountains. But the best part is, as I plan a trip for my family and I, I ensure I plan during the time of the year when there is no congestion. December would not be a good idea since most people are in the holiday and camping mood, and no better place than the mountains. Besides, they have money to spend as most have been saving for the same cause.

My option is always to wait till the beginning of the year such as in January and February. I have learned that during this time, people are broke and back to work and not many want to talk about going to the mountains. The streets are less crowded, so are the shops and the popular sites around.

Going when it is warmer
Winter can be depressing with all the land mass covered under snow. This means that the amount of activities can also be reduced. When I need a time of the year when I can get more options of activities, summer is the best time to enjoy in the mountains, as this is the time it gets warmest in the year. From June solstice to September equinox, the sun is at its best offering the opportunity to have the best time for my family.

Going to see better views
Choosing the right time to go to the mountains for my family and I is dependent of the fact that we would love to see certain things that one cannot see during other times of the year. Winter is not the best time to be in the mountains if I want to see flowers and other things as most of these have either fallen off or are covered under snow.

On the other hand, it is the best time to see the smoky mountains since most of the leaves fall off, giving more space to view the mountain. It offers a more panoramic view from almost anywhere on the mountains. If you are into plants and animals, you would want to visit more during spring and summer since this is the time for reproduction for most plants and animals.

Going to the mountains is a decision that can be made based on a number of factors such as activities, cost and the kind of weather I prefer. Things I would like to view also plays a huge part in this decision.

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