Songs That Got Big From Their Dance Craze

For anyone trying to figure out what dances they really should know, keeping up with popular dances due to songs is a sure way to keep up. There are many songs that are played multiple times in the clubs because of their associated dances. Here are five songs that got big from their dance craze that you should know.

1.       Ester Dean – Drop It Low featuring Chris Brown

When you look at the title, “Drop It Low” you can’t help but to know how to do this dance. Drop It Low by Ester Dean features the one and only Chris Brown. Now what makes this video really stand out is the Twerk Team dropping it low in a grocery store. Yes, that’s right, some twerking is going on in the store! This is a nice, clean video but fun nonetheless.

Drop It Low has a variation of beats but is a song that took off quickly in 2014 because women, of course, are going to flock to the dance floor to drop it low. There is no guessing or mess ups with this song. And of course, this is a hit with the fellas to see the women twerk and shake their rump.

2.       DJ Casper – Cha Cha Slide

2001 was an amazing year for DJ Casper as his Cha Cha Slide took off! Many don’t know this song actually started off as a song for Bally Fitness Health Club. So for all of you looking for a workout routine, this caught on much better than Kanye West’s Workout Plan. There is also a Cha Cha Slide part 2. The instructions are simple and anyone that knows the infamous Electric Slide can catch on in seconds. If you can catch on to the following lyrics and moves, you pretty much have the dance down.

  1. To the right now
  2. To the left
  3. Take it back now y’all
  4. 1 hop this time
  5. 1 hop this time
  6. Right foot 2 stomps
  7. Left foot 2 stomps
  8. Slide to the left
  9. Slide to the right
  10. Criss-cross
  11. Criss-cross
  12. Cha cha real smooth


3.       Soulja Boy – Crank That

Soulja Boy wrote Crank That, and it was #1 for seven weeks in the US. Crank That features sounds of the Caribbean drums and music, allowing dancers to show off their skills. Although you’ll find many young people doing this dance, its lyrics are thought to have sexual nature behind it, such as the lyrics – “Superman that hoe”. The “Superman” part meaning putting a cape over the female’s back. Now, many call this the Yule dance, however, Soulja Boy is really saying the word you instead of yule. However, the skipping part of this dance is on the word you and it’s caught on as the Yule dance. The biggest part of the dance is off of the following lyrics:

  1. Soulja Boy off in this hoe
  2. Watch me crank it
  3. Watch me roll
  4. Watch me crank that Soulja Boy
  5. Then superman that hoe
  6. Now watch me you


4.       Silento  – Watch Me 

Combining two separate dances, the Whip and The Nae Nae, Watch Me took off in 2015. Silento took two dances that were pretty often done by teens and just put a name to it.

With the legs shoulder length apart, the Whip is simply bending your knees, bringing your arms out in front of you and clinching your fists and swapping arms each time he says whip in the song. The Nae Nae is simply waving an arm in the air while swaying your body side to side. The opposite arm should be hanging down to the side.

You definitely need to be loose and energized with this dance. The entire dance, however, does have a few additional dance steps such as the Stanky Leg, Breaking Your Legs, Bopping, Yule’n, and, of course, the Superman.

  1. Now watch me whip
  2. Now watch me nae nae
  3. Now watch me whip whip
  4. Watch me nae nae
  5. Do the stanky leg
  6. Now break your legs
  7. Now watch me
  8. Bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop bop
  9. Now watch me yule
  10. Now watch me superman


5.       Los Del Rio  – Macarena

Taking it back to 1996, Los Del Rio brought the sounds of Spain to the US with the Macarena. Now many of us have no clue what the lyrics are and just get loud with the part – Macarena – Aaay! It’s a catchy tune, and the dance is popular for most women. However, men are known to jump in too. So if you’re wondering what Macarena actually means…. it translates to “Mother of God.” The main chorus translates as: Give happiness to your body Macarena ’cause your body is for giving happiness and nice things too.

So no longer do you need to ponder on the latest dances. Many of the songs coming out now will tell you exactly what to do, step by step.

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