Safety Tips for Day to Day Life

The mountain is among the best places to live on the planet; the view, the climate, and the low cost way of life around here cannot be matched. Despite all the advantages related to the mountains, there are other things that need to be considered to ensure the best time is experienced. Safety cannot be ignored at any level, as this is a matter of life and death. With wild animals, rocks and extreme weather, there will always be safety issues to deal with. But being prepared for such can come handy when responding to emergencies. Below are a few tips on how to ensure safety on the mountains.

Avoid walking alone at all times
Despite the general safety that the mountains offer, there are still risks out there. Attacks by animals such as bear and snakes is a common thing in the mountains. It is advisable to walk in groups of at least two people as this can save a life. A few years ago, we had gone for an evening walk with one of my neighbors, and as we were coming back, I got bitten by what we later came to find out to have been a snake. Since I was with her, she did a quick first aid treatment on me and later took me to the hospital. Had I been all by myself, I would have died that day.

Lock all doors and window before leaving the house
Since the population in mountain areas is always low, homes are scattered all over. This poses the risk of being attacked by animals and people who can enter the house without being invited. Thieves can take advantage of open doors and windows to slide in unnoticed placing their hands on things they do not own. It is safer to keep all entrances and exits locked. I go a step forward with this, as I ensure my doors are safely locked even if I am in the house. This helps me know those who enter and leave my house.

Safety tips when driving
The mountains pose a risk to most drivers especially those who are not used to the areas due to the topography. The rocky roads and the steep hills can be dangerous to drive on. Ensure all passengers have seat belts on. Avoid talking on phone while driving in the mountains; there are a number of bends that might come up by surprise, so always do focus.

These tips can help you keep safe in the mountains. I have practiced them over and over, and I think that they work pretty well to protect my family and property.

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