Pros and Cons Of Mountain Life

Living in the mountains has been by far the best experience of my life. I enjoy the view; life is generally slower compared to living in the city among other things that I find great about the mountains. But not all is great here, as I have come to learn over the years. A lot of people have asked me of the advantages and disadvantages of living in such a region, and I have tried to compile a suitable list for such. Below are the pros and cons of living in the mountains.

Pros of living in the mountains
Due to the low population, the mountains offer cheaper ways of life in areas of shelter. Compared to the city and other parts of the country, houses in mountain areas are cheaper since it is not easy to find people renting them. We get our water from the streams around which has reduced our cost of living significantly, as opposed to the city where we used to buy water which is supplied by the municipal council. The best part is that the water is available throughout the year and there is not a time that we get notices of interruptions.

For fun activities, we do not have to strain on what to do as there are numerous activities that can be done in the mountains such as hiking, biking, and hunting among other things. Besides, most of these are free compared to living in the city where such activities are people’s businesses.

Cons of living in the mountains
Because of the low population, most telecommunication service providers do not invest hugely in such areas. The phone networks can be very poor in some areas; this we experience largely when we go out for activities deep into the mountains. The low population means one can only make a few friends. Besides, in our case most members of our bigger family are in the city leaving us with the option of just seeing them once in awhile. During seasons such as winter, it is hard to have friends over, so we resort to social media, which is not enough.

The danger of being attacked by the wild animals is also worth mentioning. Bears, jackals and other animals roam freely in the mountains and so movements can be restricted at times. Unlike the city where you do not need to have other people accompanying you to move around, sometimes it is advisable to move in groups in the mountains.

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