How Location Affects How You Should Advertise

Advertising is essential for the success of a business. When you are opening in a local area, catering to that specific group of people is necessary. The general lifestyle of those living in a specific area is also important. If you are unable to connect with a local audience with real, local examples – your advertising efforts are likely to go south.

Appeal to the Local Audience

Spend some time in the local community learning how people live and what their proximity to local services is. Cater your advertisements to the overall lifestyle of the majority of the residents in the area. If your business is in an executive rich area, cater to executives with more advanced language. In areas that are rural or have more blue-collar workers, use real-life examples to connect with your local audience.

Display How the Product/Service Works

People need to see how a product or service works. They need to be shown why they need the product/service and how it will add value to their lives. Show local uses of your product or service so that the audience can connect to it easier.

For television advertisement purposes, display the main features of a product or service to gain interest. Direct the audience to visit a company website or social media page for extended demonstrations.

Use Local People in Advertisements

When you want the locals in the area to connect with your business, include local residents in advertisements. A local video advertising team may have “extras” on a standby list to use in advertisements. As locals recognize the faces of those in the advertisement, it connects the content with the local area better. It shows the audience that there is a need in the area for your product or service.

Use Local Analogies

Using generalizations simply provides an overview of your services. It does not tell the audience how your company is making life better, even in a small way, in their immediate local area. For example, if you are selling a tech device like a signal booster for smartphones, show how a perfect signal is displayed in that town in the most remote area of it. Locals need to see how a product is going to help them right where they live and local analogies or references does that.

Cater to a Specific Area

Let the residents know that your company serves their specific area, and discuss the surrounding areas that are also serviced. Locals need to know what each company in their area does and that it is there to serve them. Smaller companies can usually provide better customer service and receive better local reception when the business is created just for that area.

Closing Thoughts

Gauge your marketing advertisements for the main demographic groups in a local area. Use simple graphics and short sentences with a few key action words to entice the local audience to act and make a purchase or visit the business. Offer local discounts for first-time customers to introduce your company to the local area as it helps the company appear friendly, community-centric, and customer service driven.

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