Monday, July 28, 2014

Celebrating Six Years of Hip Mountain Mama

In early 2008, Suzy Hawbaker was a stay at home mom busy with two daughters ages 4 and 1. Suzy had found herself living on Colorado's Front Range attending play dates and living a suburban lifestyle. It was a far cry from the days of going on Widespread Panic tour, hitting all of the summer music festivals and living in small ski towns.

Suzy had always been the type of person who makes things happen. She loved her daughters but couldn't be satisfied simply staying home with them. With a desire to do something meaningful that would keep her busy, allow her to work from home and allow her to show her true style, Suzy started to dream up ideas for an online retail store.

In July 2008, Suzy nailed down an idea and began ordering products for the shop. She focused on her own natural lifestyle and desire to raise her family with natural products. At the time, the store primarily focused on natural toys for kids and fun products for mothers.

After sending an email to everyone she knew, Hip Mountain Mama was born. The company was launched with a few boxes of inventory stashed in an unfinished basement, a simple website and marketing efforts relying on an ad in Mothering Magazine and the establishment of an authentic mommy blog.

3 year old Sienna modeling for the family business
The company grew with the help of many bloggers who couldn't help but share the story of this cool hippie mom who had a mission to sell quality products to young families. As the power of social media grew, Hip Mountain Mama leveraged the power of Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to grow.

In November 2009, Suzy was overwhelmed with the amount of work she had created for herself and her husband, Andy, was extremely frustrated working as a Vice President of a bank (something that he never really enjoyed). With the busy season coming up, Andy quit his job to make Hip Mountain Mama a true family business.

Working as a family to ship packages

Together, Andy and Suzy took on the mission of making the world a better place by selling green and reusable products. The store slowly transitioned from selling natural toys to a larger emphasis on reusable products and funky fashions for women. As the Hawbaker kids began to grow up, the business naturally focused more on fun products for women instead of the wood toys and cloth diapers they had once sold.

As time went on, the girls started going to school full days and some improved efficiencies allowed Andy to transition what he'd learned from using social media into a social marketing job in the outdoor industry.
Suzy amazingly handled continued growth with a little help from her friends. She regularly holds photo shoots with her good friends working as models for the clothing.

Six years into this journey Suzy is amazed at what Hip Mountain Mama has become. It's still a ton of fun but now it's an essential part of the families income. There's no CEO collecting a huge paycheck but there are two little girls who get to take dance classes, a family who survives on the income and other small businesses that are supported with purchases through Hip Mountain Mama.

It's with great appreciation for our customers, suppliers, friends who've pitched in and anyone who's ever told anyone else about Hip Mountain Mama that we celebrate 6 awesome years!!!! We are so grateful for everyone who's ever purchased products, shared Hip Mountain Mama with a friend or smiled at one of our Facebook posts. All of our hard work is worth it. Thank you!



  1. Loved looking at the pictures-memory lane and so cute. You have done a wonderful job launching Hip Mountain Mama, learning and evolving with your customers and your lifestyle. Congrats on your 6 year anniversary.